My name is Neil Mark Thomas and I am a photographer living near the foothills of Snowdonia, North Wales. By day I am a mobile app designer for a local app development company and by night I am an amateur landscape and astrophotographer.

My passion for photography began when I studied photography as part of my Art A-Level at school. At that time, DSLRs were only just becoming affordable so I learned using film. I am glad I got to experiment with film, chemicals, developing and generally using a dark room for a few years before moving onto digital.

The first DSLR I owned was a Canon 50D, which served me well over the years before I moved onto the Canon 70D. The 70D was an amazing ‘all-rounder’ and did everything I wanted it to. After a while, I thought it was time to move to a full-frame camera, and opted for the Canon 6D. This is my current ‘go-to’ camera and can usually be found with a Canon 17-40mm L lens attached to it. I am not a complete Canon fanboy, I also own a Sony A6000 as an everyday/travel camera.