Giving photos away on

Around two months ago I stumbled upon I had seen the website before but had never gone past the homepage. What made me stick around was the quality of the ‘Trending’ photos they had on show.

Unsplash is a community of photographers that submit their photos for any member of the public to use in their projects. They can be used for personal or commercial projects. This first thing you may ask is “Why would you give your photos away for free?”.

Well the answer is…. When I go out to shoot landscape photography I go out with one photo or composition in mind. However, I’ll end up taking hundreds (sometimes thousands) of shots that day. What I end up with is a lot of photos on my backup hard drive that I will never end up using or ever want to print/sell.

This is where Unsplash comes in. Any photo that is just sitting on my hard drive forever unused can now have a purpose in someone else’s project. It feels great being able to supply a creator with something that will move them forward or contribute towards their project.

I’ve been a paying member of iStockPhoto, Getty Images and more recently Adobe Stock for a number of years. What I have found is that photos available in their libraries can be a bit too generic, posed and old fashioned. What I love about Unsplash is that the photos in their libraries are natural and current.

If you have a spare minute have a look at my Unsplash profile at: